Served with free-range ALL DAY

Daily Frittata

Daily selection of frittatas, available a la carte- 5.5 or with your choice of pita chips, side salad or fruit- 7

Filipino Breakfast Bowl 9.5

Coconut sticky rice, two eggs over easy, cherry tomato, green onion, tomatillo salsa and sweet chili sauce with your choice of turkey chorizo, bacon or roasted veggies

Brioche French Toast 7

Orange compound butter and vanilla bean maple syrup

Breakfast Panini 8.5

Scrambled egg, provolone, fresh tomato, and basil pesto on sourdough, rustic roll or brioche, with choice of bacon or roasted veggies

Breakfast Burrito 9

Scrambled egg, Yukon gold potatoes, fresh corn, tomato and sharp cheddar with roasted tomatillo salsa and choice of turkey chorizo, bacon, steak or roasted veggies

B-A-T-E 8.5

Bacon, avocado, tomato and an over easy egg with mayo on toasted sourdough

Chorizo-Egg Torta 8.5

Diestel turkey chorizo, scrambled egg, avocado, cumin cream and sharp cheddar on a rustic roll

Steak and Egg Sandwich 9

Grilled steak, sharp cheddar, mayo, green onion, tomatillo salsa and tomato topped with two over easy eggs on a toasted rustic roll

Cornmeal Griddle Cakes 8

Served with honey and blackberry compound butter

A la carte:

Bacon- 1.5 Fruit- 3.5

Roasted Potatoes- 1.5 Sourdough Toast- 1

Egg- 1 Avocado- 1.5